14-09-2017 OATHBREAKER EU tourdates December 2017!

OATHBREAKER tourdates announced for December 2017 here! SYNDROME supports on most shows.
Here’s a statement from Oathbreaker on these shows: 

"2017 has been a heavy year for Oathbreaker, both for us as human beings and as a band. So we've decided to take some time off from touring for a while, to focus on life and staying sane. We’ll start writing a new record very soon, and may or may not play live shows in 2018. Life is strange, so who knows. We are not breaking up, this is not a hiatus. We just need some time off from Oathbreaker to keep the fire burning. With this in mind, we will play a handful of European shows in December 2017. Hope to see all of you there. Thank you."

04-09-2017 WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM New album, European tour dates!

Wolves In The Throne Room announce a large scale European tour to take place this November and December in support of their upcoming album Thrice Woven (Artemisia Records, 22 Sept). Full dates here. The band made the following statement about the tour...

"When we first came to Europe over 10 years ago we had no idea what to expect. Would we be accepted? Would we be hated? We could only pray that Europeans would understand what we were trying to say with our music. And so we got in the van and made our way across your continent. We met in celebration with metal heads in leather and spikes, goths, left-wing squatter punks, all kinds of artists and heart-warriors in the cities and countryside. All people of good heart and free spirit! We met so many amazing people who changed our lives and opened our minds. Thank you people of Europe. Now, the THRICE WOVEN era dawns upon your shores. Hail to the fans! Thank you! Aaron+WITTR"

29-05-2017 PALLBEARER support PARADISE LOST!

PALLBEARER return to Europe/UK this fall for a full run of dates with PARADISE LOST and SINISTRO