2020 saw the release of ‘Me Ta Podia’, Burton’s first solo album. An instrumental record entirely recorded on guitar but rooted in electronic music. Not entirely content working as a sideman, Burton started working on his own music, first as a member of Hong Kong Dong and as a composer for theatre and soundtracks, and now also as a solo artist.

Feeling the need to, at least temporarily, turn his back to the obligatory rock, pop or jazz etc. and to explore other directions, he recorded ‘Me Ta Podia’ as a live performance using the guitar as a sound generator as well as a tool for composing.

Inspired by the likes of Charles Cohen, Delia Derbyshire, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Lucrecia dalt, the album combines deceptively naive phrases with more complex underlying sounds and structures, not necessarily associated with the guitar.

Gradually making a name for himself he became internationally active as a musician, composer and producer when he started working at very young age with local hero Arno. A collaboration that would last for 15 years. While and after playing with Arno, other artists would solicit his talents: Iggy Pop, Bashung, Botanica, Misia, Toby Dammit, Daan, Sophie Hunger, Jacques Higelin and
many others...