In the unhinged tradition of Providence, RI , Doomsday Student featuring Eric Paul (of Arab On Radar, The Chinese Stars), Stephen Mattos (of Arab On Radar, Athletic Automaton, & Chrome Jackson), Craig Kureck (of Arab On Radar, The Chinese Stars), & Paul Vieira (of The Chinese Stars) caterwauls like four refrigerators dropped down an elevator shaft.

As drums push the music forward, spiraling guitars & crazed singing use the tools of rock to dismantle rock, to make an alarm of rock, to make simultaneously songs with hooks & riffs & all that shit & also these little splitting-off universes of paranoia & hysteria & the ecstasy only exploding people truly feel.

When I listen to this band on headphones in public I find myself laughing in that way that makes people cross the street away from me, that makes my spine feel made of broken bottles & soaked band aids. And I am better this way. I am more awake, more able to be in the terror & jaggedness & joy of what it is to be. Doomsday Student is a wake up call to anyone who thinks the world merely works.

Some Press quotes:

“With the impending arrival of the band's third album, A Self-Help Tragedy, later this year, Doomsday Student are set to host their most debauched bacchanal yet.’ -Clrvynt

“There’s no onomatopoetic cold steel here. Instead, Doomsday Student squelch out their broken grooves in clammy, organic spasms. It’s deeply yucky music, and it’s awesome.” -Stereogum

“It’s all a mess. It’s all just a beautiful mess. Just a beautiful fucking mess. I didn’t want it to end. Just wonderful.” -Louder Than War

“Totally gross and weird and maybe just very slightly erotic.” -Vice Magazine

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