29-03-2023 Welcome BOTCH
Odyssey booking is very excited to welcome the legendary Tacoma, Washington mathcore/hardcore/metal band BOTCH to our Europe / UK booking roster! 

BOTCH was formed by bassist Brian Cook, guitarist David Knudson, drummer Tim Latona and vocalist Dave Verellen in 1993, becoming one of the most ground-breaking and influential bands during a pivotal shift in heavy music before splitting in 2002. Read more here

24-02-2023 HELMS ALEE announce EU Headline tour
Seatlle's HELMS ALEE announce June 2023 European headline tour in support of their latest ‘Keep this Be The Way’ album including festival performances at Poland's Mystic festival and Hellfest in France... all dates are here

20-01-2023 PONTIAK EU tour announced
The brothers Jennings, Van and Lain Carney aka PONTIAK are touring Europe in June 2023, playing all the classics! All tourdates here

12-12-2022 Welcome CROUCH!
Very excited to welcome Belgium’s most crushing power trio CROUCH to our booking roster!

CROUCH was founded in 2021 when Levy Seynaeve and Wim Coppers decided the world needed a good, slow heavy band. After working together on 4 Wiegedood albums, it quickly became clear that the songwriting mojo also translated when composing Crouch songs. Check their artistpage & live dates HERE


23-09-2022 Welcome DUSTER!

Odyssey booking is very proud to welcome DUSTER to our EU/UK booking roster!

In the late 1990s Clay Parton and Dove Amber started recording songs full of hiss, fuzz and dismay on shitty four track machines to take themselves to the moon and beyond, eventually adding Jason Albertini as a third pilot. After recording a few more records at home and only playing a handful of shows, they disappeared from earth for a decade and a half. Now they have returned from the void of space.

Devotees new and old have scrambled to find and share their music for years but in 2019, Numero Group brought them back into the collective conscious with Capsule Losing Contact, a re-issue box-set that included 1998’s Stratosphere, their 1999 EP 1975, and 2000’s Contemporary Movement along with previously unreleased tracks. 

After feverish anticipation, in 2019, Duster released a new, self-titled LP - their first in 20 years, on Muddguts Records. On April 1st 2022, Duster surprise-released 'Together', their fourth album.
Europe / UK touring plans are being made for 2023 ….

Follow Duster’s artist page for more to come.