02-02-2024 Welcome MARY JANE DUNPHE!
Odyssey Booking is honoured to welcome Mary Jane Dunphe to our European booking roster! 

Mary Jane Dunphe released her solo debut album ‘Stage Of Love’ on Pop Wig records in 2023 and just now a new single on the Sub Pop Singles series. 

Mary Jane Dunphe is a poet and musician who tells stories–not through direct narrative but through embodied presence and performance, through cinematic and fragmented memory, the wild transmission of feeling. Her versatile songwriting has garnered critical acclaim in past projects such as the visceral punk of Vexx and Gen Pop, the minimal dream pop of CCFX and CC Dust, and the lonesome country-rock of The County Liners–and now Dunphe’s debut solo album, Stage of Love, is the start of a captivating new chapter.

03-10-2023 Welcome KHANATE!
Welcome KHANATE to our Europe/UK booking roster! 

Khanate formed in New York City in 2000, comprised of James Plotkin, Stephen O’Malley, Alan Dubin and Tim Wyskida. Together, they make terrifying music ...

Its been nearly a decade and a half passed before Khanate were heard from. In that time, the world became the more vindictive and inhumane place the band had imagined. When they emerged in 2023 with the surprise album To Be Cruel, the elapsed time only served to underscore the consistency—and dominance—of their original reign. 

Though they may have inspired many, there is only one true Khanate.