The return of the gloomy masters! Outer Limit Lotus is finally back with new music, four years after their dark masterpiece ‘Lotus Eaters’.

‘The Beach’ is the fi rst single from their upcoming new album set for release early 2023 – ‘Dazzling Darkness’. Spending the larger part of the pandemic in the studio, the trio has evolved and become more daring in their expression, giving room for new approaches to their composing. There is a new and partly unsettling calm in both the lyrics and the instrumentation, very much present on this single. As the lyrics hints towards a total resignation, a need to get away from everything, disappear. But yet it is truly beautiful and calming.

Soft guitars, sparkled with synths, this time lead by Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg’s vocals alone – but accompanied by backing vocals from FOAMMM’s Chiara Cavallari and Ingvild Nærum.

All elements are all more present on their upcoming album than before. It’s easier, more mellow – and more varied and innovative. Defi nitely something that a broader audience will be mesmerized by, more challenging yet accessible than their earlier and more straight forward and ice cold post-punk releases.

Outer Limit Lotus formed in 2015 when three of the members from noiserock cult legends Haust went on a defi nite hiatus. Taking the darkness along with them, but expressing it in a completely different way. Changing from brutality to coldness, desperation and a musical curiosity that lead the band from intense deathrock to ice cold post-punk, which has now evolved into a new and unique expression. Bringing forth desperate ballads, soothing melodies and welcoming the darker sides with playfulness, beauty, daringness – as well as welcoming the masses in to participate.

With ‘The Beach’, and very soon their third album ‘Dazzling Darkness’, Outer Limit Lotus are ready to take the step from being the music connoisseurs favorites to invade the common listeners – and shake them up a bit.

For fans of: The Gun Club, Talk Talk, Swans, The Cure, Christian Death

Outer Limit Lotus:
Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg (vocals, bass)
Henrik Øiestad Myrvold (guitars, vocals)
Øystein Wyller Odden (drums, percussion)