Over the course of fifteen years and three albums, HHY & The Macumbas have been charting their own void, using a language were rhythm, echo displacements, clusters of horns, and bass pressure construct a palace that stands on the triple pillars of body, space and alterity.

They have shared their energy onstage with audiences across Europe, manipulating dark matter under blood-red lights at festivals like Sónar, Primavera Sound, Le Guess Who?, and Unsound.

"Bom Sangue Mau," literally translating to "Good Bad Blood," is their new album, which punches another hole in the non-linear cosmos, presenting itself with prismatic vibrations. This album was recorded live onstage were they performed for an empty theatre, rigged with full sound-system and lights, the black box of the stage became the accelerator conducting the ensemble through time fallowing the cues of the acidic smoke and synthetic color landscape.

The album will be released by a new label Horror Vector records.
Horror Vector, birthed into existence in the year 2023, stands as a sonic testament to the unsettling intersection of humanity and technology in our bewildering era. Within this abyss, Horror Vector channels the primal and visceral through the medium of sound.     
Venturing into the realms of resonant choral compositions, electric dubs, a tapestry of percussion work and acidic sonic soundscapes that often find themselves entangled with neo-animist lithium-themed pieces, forming the soundtrack to a surreal dance of machines and souls.

Horror Vector's essence ventures into the domains of pre-language expressions, visceral encounters with corporeal matter, and the eerie spectra that lurk on the peripheries of perception.

From the heart of the city of Porto, Skull Cave Studio serves as the birthplace of these transcendent sounds, thriving in cross-collaboration, beckoning musicians, dancers, and artists from the far reaches of the spectrum to partake in its mystifying journey. Horror Vector emerges as a conduit to the primal, the spectral, and the uncanny.